Finally, A Hearing Aid You Buy Without Seeing a Doctor, That Everyone Can Afford

Do you remember the last time you went to a big rock concert? The concrete in the stadium vibrates from the sound. Most rock concerts have a sound pressure level of 115-120 decibels (dB), the same as a chain saw. According to government studies, listening to noise above 97 dB for 30 minutes or more can cause permanent hearing damage.

Thanks to a combination of rock concerts, workplace noise, and age, there are over 37.5 million American adults, just like me, with mild to moderate hearing loss. It’s common and nothing to be ashamed of, but people still won’t get the help they need.

3 Excuses Why People Don’t Want Hearing Aids

Unless you’ve been tested or are already wearing them, here are some telltale signs that you are living in denial and need help with your hearing:

  • You continuously ask people to repeat themselves
  • You cock your head to one side or cup your hand to your ear
  • You turn the volume way up on the TV
  • Your world sounds like a radio that’s not quite tuned in and unclear

It’s a widespread problem, but most people choose to ignore it.


Typically, there are three reasons people are reluctant to wear hearing aids.

Excuse #1 – Vanity - They think wearing a hearing aid will make them look old.

Excuse #2 – Comfort – Many hearing aid wearers don’t like the in-ear models.

Excuse #3 – Cost – Doctor prescribed hearing aids can be awfully expensive. One study suggests that hearing aids are the third most expensive purchase after a house and a car.

For me, it was excuse #3 with a bit of #1. I didn’t want to go to any doctor or spend a fortune on hearing aids. I put it off as long as I could until…

I Couldn’t Ignore My Hearing Loss Any Longer

Those in-ear aids cost more than we paid as a down payment on our first home!

I had a tough time adjusting the volume, and they needed cleaning all the time. They were so tiny that they kept slipping through my fingers and it felt like I had a small marble in my ear. I returned them before I had to pay.

“Enough is enough!” my wife said, and she marched me to a local hearing aid clinic at the mall.

All I can say is that it took HOURS! I was filling forms, testing this and that. They fitted me for in-ear style hearing aids.

And…once we got the bill my wife and I almost passed out!

Update: A unique, American-made hearing device is helping people hear better while costing just 1/10th of the price of prescription hearing aids.
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The Stunning Cost of Hearing Aids

Those in-ear aids cost more than we paid as a down payment on our first home!

I had a tough time adjusting the volume, and they needed cleaning all the time. They were so tiny that they kept slipping through my fingers and it felt like I had a small marble in my ear. I returned them before I had to pay.

So now what? I needed aids, but I didn’t know where to turn.

Update: 37.5 million Americans could benefit from hearing aids, but most of them cost anywhere from $5,000 to $6,000 a pair! Now, there is a new hearing device with Adaptive Chip technology that costs 90% less.
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My Golf Buddy Showed Me an Amazing Hearing Product

Dave, my golfing buddy, showed me what he uses. He found a fantastic product online that cost one-tenth as much as the prescription brands.

Stop Denying That You Have a Problem

It’s the Vivid 100™, and it’s an American made hearing aid manufactured by Vivid Hear. Their website address is

All the Benefits of Prescription Aids at 10% of the Price

Vivid 100™ are true hearing aids, not amplifiers. They are FDA registered hearing aids and very similar to hearing aids that are selling around the country for $5,000 to $6,000...

Well, I listened to Dave and ordered a pair. You know what? I didn’t need to see a doctor or take a hearing test. They even gave me free shipping.

They Have Everything I Need

What I like about the Vivid 100™ is the comfort. This type fits over my ear, so there is only a tiny, discreet earbud. Over-ear aids are more comfortable than the in-ear model that I tried. It’s easy to adjust the volume with one touch. That’s an advantage if you have big fingers like mine.

Here’s What You Get

They arrived about a week after I ordered them. No doctor, no shipping cost, and no hassle.

I put them in at the kitchen table, and they worked right out of the box! Instantly, I could hear things that I haven’t heard in years like birds chirping and kids playing up the street. I can now listen to the TV on low volume, and that suits my wife just fine.

What you get in the box:

  • One pair of Vivid 100™ hearing aids
  • An instruction manual and…
  • A nice travel case

Vivid 100TM hearing aids are simple and ready to use.

Enjoy Your Life Again

Vivid 100TM has four pre-programmed settings that include: Normal, Conference, Noise Reduction and Outdoor Programs. Quickly adjust your aids to any environment whether you are at home or out and about.

They come with a one-year warranty. With US-based customer support, you won’t have trouble understanding them if you need help.

You Also Get a Big Bonus

The real icing on the cake is their Rewards Program. When you purchase a pair of Vivid 100™ hearing aids, you automatically get exclusive access to health benefits. They include a 24/7 nurse hotline, online physicians, health assessments, health tips and videos, diet plans, and even workout videos.

On top of that, they give you $50 in rewards every month for 12 months. Use your rewards for grocery coupons, dining out, or online shopping at over 500,000 places. My wife loves this perk.

It’s Time to Switch Your Hearing Aids If…

Maybe you are already wearing in-ear hearing aids. If you like them, great! But, they’re not for everyone.

Here are some reasons that you should give Vivid 100™ a try if your current hearing aids…

  • Keep giving you headaches while wearing them
  • Batteries die in just a few days
  • Get gunked up with ear wax easily
  • Need a professional to adjust the volume

Some in-ear models come with separate digital volume control to make it easier. But do you really want to keep up with another device every day?

Update: Now You Can Hear 85-90% Better Without Paying $6,000 For Prescription, In-Ear Hearing Aids! Read More

For me, the in-ear type didn’t work, and I’m glad I switched.

Where Can You Buy Yours?

Try a pair for yourself, go to There’s no risk. You have a full 45 days to try them at home. Don’t forget to ask about their low financing too.

Click the button below to learn more and to start hearing what you’ve been missing.


Update: Only 37 pairs remaining. $50 in rewards for 12 months still available as of

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